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We are on a quest for a healthier lifestyle, learning from experts, testing products, and learning how we can be of service. We invite you to join our community and the conversation, let's do this together. We hope to provide inspiration, share healthy tips and some laughter. 



HLP is dedicated to my best friend "Waige:" who died too early from alcoholism and depression, and my brother, who was taken too soon from a heart attack while hiking. My brother-in-law who died of a heart attack while biking. and to my own life, while working as a successful corporate sales rep was presented with with a potential life-threatening disease.


This led me to a quest: There had to be more to health than just exercise. For the past 8 years I have been conducting a "healthy lifestyle project" to learn how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle. I've connected with well known experts, traveled the world, and lived in every corner of the USA - picking up tips from around the world.


You are busy and time is precious. We've done a lot of the research for you. I'm obsessed with researching, meeting experts, reading books and learning, taking courses,and listening to audio books. I was taking 5 sentences of notes for an hour of content. So as a result, we aim to whittle down strong content to concise points - so you can learn a lot in a little time.


Based on Deepak Chopra's theory of a balanced lifestyle of Nutrition, Sleep Mediation, Movement, Personal Growth/Purpose and Service,, we try to stay within that framework.



A community of learners, doers, thinkers and you - we are striving to find meaning and purpose. When we treat ourselves with respect and create healthier habits like sleep and nutrition, we get in the flow and can live our best life to serve and love others. 


Reach out and let's connect. Share your experience with us. Let's support each other and work on our life "project.


Disclosure: For entertainment purposes. We are not doctors and do not accept any responsibility for any advice given. Any use of habits are the sole discretion of the user. Please consult your Doctor as needed.


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Growing up, we thought being healthy meant exercising each day. 
We realized a combination of healthy tools is necessary to keep our mind and body in balance. We explore tools and strive to practice daily healthy habits. It's a project. Join us.


Actionable Healthy habits and tips from experts and friends. 

We create concise content, with a touch of humor. 

Take action and share!


We research everything. Everything.

We recommend products that we research, test and love.

 Plus share our favorite tips!


Learn from people doing extraordinary things.

We capture inspiring stories that promote

a healthier way of thinking and living.