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What are your daily non-negotiables?


Daily non-negotiables are actions that you do each day that you bring you balance in mind and body. When you do them, life is better. You tap into your intuition and creativity, have clear focus, and are kinder and more loving.


When you don’t do the daily non-negotiables that have an impact on your wellbeing, life may be more hectic and out of balance. You may be more reactive, your body tense and sore, and you may feel drained and exhausted.


To feel more balanced on a daily basis, here are a list of suggested actions you can do. Choose the ones that make an impact in your life. Try it for a week, or even a day. Print out the attached checklist and fill it out for a week. Notice how you feel when you do or don’t do the items on the list.




1. Drink a warm glass of water with lemon


A warm glass of lemon water helps flush toxins from your body’s digestion throughout the night. Warm or cold, flush your body with water first thing in the morning.




2. Gratitude


A real game changer is to begin and end each day with intention and gratitude. Just writing down one thing you are grateful each day can change your mindset.


The Five Minute Journal makes it easy.





A great gift to yourself and others. Or download the Five Minute Journal app.



3. Meditation


Taking a moment for quiet time is invaluable.




With all of the distractions and noise in the world today, taking a moment for quiet time is helpful to center and ground yourself. There are many techniques and types of meditation. Learn a few here If you struggle to sit still, try a guided meditation online or hire a TM or Vedic meditation instructor. If you are not comfortable sitting still, take a hike or walk in nature. Try it. Your balance, and discovering your sense of purpose are worth it.





4. Movement


Moving the body each day is crucial. A lot of us hold tension in our body. The mind boyd connection is real. When you release the tension in your body, your mind will release too.

Learn more here


Start or end your day with Shayne and River Morgan yoga sequence





5. Nourish Your Body with a Healthy Diet.


Food is our fuel. What you eat does matter. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, the list goes on. Learn more here


6. Serve others throughout the day.


Whether it’s a smile, or doing a thoughtful thing for someone, serving others throughout the day is so valuable.  When you meet someone new, ask, how can I serve. Learn more here






7. Laugh

Do you have those friends that no matter what is going on in your life, they always make you laugh? When feeling down or upset, make it an intention to expose yourself to your favorite people and/or funny content. Whether a tv show, a podcast, radio show, friend, book, find it. Laughter makes a difference.


Picks for always getting a laugh: Friends, Seinfeld, Modern Family.

What are yours?


While you’re at it, take a moment to smile at others. Watch what happens.


8. Love/Relationship/Friends/Family


Make time for loved ones, friends and family.  If you are slammed with work all day, take a moment to connect each day. Relationship tips






9. Read/Listen/Learn


While on your commute to work, waiting in the carpool line or while ironing clothes, continue to learn something new. Podcast, videos, books, audiobooks, it’s easy to find content you enjoy and consume it wherever you are, whatever you are doing.


10. Goals/actions


Do you have a dream or goal that you would like to accomplish? It begins with setting an intention. Write it down. Determine what steps it will take to accomplish the goal. Turn the steps into actions and lay them out on your calendar. Each night, before you go to bed, write a list of what you need to do the following day to move you one step in the direction of your goals.



Get 8 hours of sleep


Easier said than done, we know. If you have an iphone, using the clock app “Bedtime reminder” is helpful. Try not to eat 2 hours before bedtime, turn off all of lights, have your room slightly cool, try a sleep meditaton, or tools from apps like Calm, Insight Timer or Headspace


Need a daily reminder of your daily intentions?


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How can you find time to do these things each day?


The question really is, how can you afford not to? It starts with intention. Get up an extra hour early. If you hit the snooze button, get up on the first alarm. Meditate for 5 minutes, list what you are grateful for, pour a glass of lemon water and boom, you’ve done 3 healthy habits in less than 12 minutes - before that snooze alarm would have gone off the 2nd time


Enjoy, and join us on social to continue the adventure to a healthy lifestyle.

Download the FREE attached PDF for a daily intention checklist. Notice how you feel when you do or don't do each healthy habit listed.  




How to use Daily checklist - attached PDF

Check off each intention you complete per day. Check it off or include minutes practiced, track how much water you drink daily by cup or oz, what type of exercise, you get the point. It will help to look back on the days you feel most grounded and focused to know what you were doing those days. Shout us out on social and share your results. We can't wait to hear. 




Lemon Squeezer


10 Daily Healthy Habits 

Daily Non-Negotiables

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