Every movement you make involves body mechanics. Your muscles, bones and joints are all connected. Proper alignment during movement assures good body mechanics. Discover yoga, stretching and exercises that enhance proper movement.

Sitting all day? Stretch for Circulation

Proper Lifting Technique

Intro: Our Fave Yoga Instructers

Yoga for EveryBODY  

with Shayne and River. Hip Opener Sequence

River Morgan

River is a third generation yogi, and started practicing yoga and meditation as an infant. A lifetime study of movement and body guides, River has evolved as a yoga instructor over the over the past 19 years. She's been featured in Yoga Journal, Forbes magazine and as a model for Giam and Jade Catalogue. River is a certified yoga, meditation and Gyrotnic instructor. She also holds a BFA in Dance and toured nationally and internationally with two professional dance companies.River teaches privates in meditation and yoga, leads yoga classes in Colorado, wellbeing retreats, guided yoga hikes and wellness coaching.    


Shayne Morgan

Shayne Morgan is a certified yoga instructor, and has studied yoga since she was a child, inspired by her mother who kept a copy of Paramahamsa Yoganandya's "Autobiography of a Yogi" on her coffee table. She has a background in Rolfing, massage therapy and Igyegar Yoga, in which she has integrated a therapeutic approach that makes yoga accessible to all ages and body types. 

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