3 Ways to Make Coffee Healthier

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You love coffee, you drink it everyday, and wondering if it's healthy? Jeremi Kentz explains a few ways to make your coffee habit healthier.

1. Drink Coffee in Moderation

Too much of anything can be bad for you. As with anything else, drink coffee in moderation.

2. Avoid Over Roasted Coffee Beans

Specialty coffee roasters have moved away from roasting coffee dark and oily on the outside.

Every coffee bean has a tiny sugar-like layer on the inside. When the bean is heated up, the interior sugar becomes carbonized, or burnt, and the outside becomes oily and shiny. The oils that exist naturally on the inside of a green coffee bean before it's roasted, when heated up too much, become carbonized, and pushes the oils to the outside. As with any organic produce, as soon as it's exposed to oxygen, it becomes decomposed.

New coffee roasters hold the temperatures lower so that the internal sugars carmelize instead of carbonize, so that the natural, super delicious oils are left on the inside of the bean, so when we grind fresh right before we make a cup of coffee, all of those oils are going to be available in their freshest component for the coffee.

Coffee will taste better, you will lose the burnt taste, and you will experience and pick up on the nuances of the region of the world. Examples are Ethiopian coffees are more berry and floral. Coffees from Brazil or Colombia will have more chocolate components.

Eliminating the burnt inner layer will allow you to taste the natural flavor of the bean, and you also get rid of the carcinogens on the inside, and that decaying oil on the outside.

3. Drink Less Acidic Coffee

Acidity depends on the region of the bean. Coffees from Africa are more acid forward than coffees from South America. Some roasters will mix the two, to give it a better balance

If you want to drink less acidic coffee, cold brew is the way to go. During the hot extraction, it pulls a lot of the soluble components and acids out of the coffee. The result is a chocolatey, really smooth and balanced coffee. It's easy to make, and you can drink it cold, you can heat it up.

Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee


Find an amazing coffee that you love. Grind it semi-fine.

One pound of organic coffee

One gallon of filtered, cold water


Soak one pound of oganic coffee in one gallon of cold water for 12 - 16 hours, depending on your taste profile. Enjoy hot or cold.

There are so many good roasters out there right now. You could spend a lifetime trying really great coffee. Drink in moderation, and enjoy!

About the speaker:

Jeremi Kentz is a coffee afficienada, and knows more about coffee than anyone we know.