Connection and Coffee

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Sometimes we don't have a full understanding of what's happening in other people's lives. The stress of daily life can get anyone down at times, and it's amazing what a random act of kindness can do to shift the mood, and create a cumulative affect of joy.

One morning last week, I had a lot to do and was feeling a bit down when I stopped into a coffee shop to get some work done. It was such a small thing, but when the barista greeted me by my name, (she'd seen me the day before and remembered), her small kindness of taking a moment to make me feel special, brought tears to my eyes. I know that's a bit dramatic, but you never know what the smallest gesture can do for someone, or when someone may need it.

It is a reminder that connection works both ways. When you are grabbing a coffee or a quick bite to eat, take a moment to engage and acknowledge the people in your community, "Lead with Love" founder Gina Murdock inspires us with this simple habit that can make your next coffee run an impactful part of your day, and maybe someone elses.

Gina Murdock, Lead with Love founder, produced by HLP Media

Video transcript:

Love Ninja tip of the day.

One of the things that makes my life really really rewarding is connecting with my community. I do this in really simple ways.

When I go into town, and get a coffee, which I do almost every morning, I make an effort to connect with the baristas, and the people that are taking my order. I make sure I know their name, ask them a little bit about their life, and then I share a little bit about mine. It has a wonderful impact on my day, and I know it has an impact on their day too. We smile when we see each other, and when we remember each other's names, it's a wonderful treat.

Take Action:

Get to know the people in your community. Connect."

Take the time. It only takes a moment to get to know their name (the barista). Try to remember it. Next time, when you come in, when you say their name, I know you're going to get a smile (from the barista). I bet you will smile in return.

I suggest, in love ninja style, that you come in, in your friendly open-hearted way, and get to know the names of the baristas serving you that ever-so-important caffeinated beverage in the morning.


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