Embracing Your Curiosity to Improve Wellbeing

Updated: May 4, 2019

Could stepping outside your known routine actually be good for your wellbeing? Science says "Yes".

The old adage that curiosity killed the cat is often repeated to discourage risk-taking and the potential negative outcomes. However, there is also evidence to suggest that without pushing past comfortable boundaries, we are limited in our creativity and personal growth.

Psychologist Louis Cozolino shares that

by seeking novelty, humans actually improve their survival skills by being forced to adapt to a changing environment.

This challenge actually tunes our brains to learn more efficiently in small spans of time.

Benefits of curiosity

A case study on curiosity from the Journal of Personality Assessment revealed that people who took chances and challenged themselves experienced:

1. Feelings of happiness

2. Less stress

3. Other brain chemical rewards

Take Action

When was the last time you listened to that quiet, questioning voice in your mind and tried something new?

From something as simple as taking a new route to work just to see what is out there to signing up for a class to learn a new skill, there are many ways to embrace your curious nature and step into the unknown.

About the author:

Jess Ewart is a entrepreneur, consultant, Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner


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