5 Benefits of Almonds - Healthy Snack for Energy

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

"A great snack, eat in moderation and you will feel incredible"

5 Benefits of Almonds

  1. Supports Healthy Brain Function

  2. Prevents Heart Disease

  3. Maintains Skin Health

  4. Increases Digestive Health

  5. Helps Fight Inflammation


  • Look for raw almonds

  • No salt, no sugar, no spices

  • Eat almonds in moderation, 4 or 5 will give you a lot of energy

  • The fats support strong nails, healthy hair and healthy organs

  • Keep a couple of almonds in your bag

  • When feeling low on energy, almonds are a great snack

  • Soak almonds overnight in the fridge. Almond shells will loosen, and you can easily peel the shell, leaving just almond with no skin, which is easier for digestion.

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