Yoga for everyBODY Hip Opener Sequence

Take 15 minutes and re-energize your body with hip opener yoga sequence from our favorite mother/daughter yogi duo, Shayne Morgan and River Morgan.


  • Relieve tension on the back and spine

  • Improve range of motion and flexibility

  • Improve oxygen flow and increase energy

  • Release emotions that are held in the hips

  • Relax the body and reduce stress

"We are the mountain between heaven and earth"

About the Yogi's:

River Morgan and Shayne Morgan are mother/daughter yoga instructors from Colorado, leading yearly retreats in Colorado and Mexico. With years of experience, River and Shayne are 2 of our favorite instructors, and we are happy to produce this video to share them with you.

Please comment below if you would like more with River and Shayne.

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