6 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally | 6 Ayurveda Weight loss tips

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Weight loss

After over 7 years of operating an Ayurvedic clinic, Jess Ewart says that weight loss is a topic that comes up a lot. Jess shares six Ayurvedic natural ways that are proven to help you lose weight, belly fat and keep it off.

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1. Drink a warm glass of water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach.

lose weight with lemon water
drink warm lemon water

It will jump start your digestion for the day. You will absorb nutrients from your food and pass empty calories of waste through your colon and out of your system.

2. Sleep

You need to be sleeping at least eight hours per night. Some body types need to sleep up to nine or nine 1/2 hours per night.

weight loss sleep

When you sleep, your body completes the digestive cycle by creating new cells and new tissues from the nutrients that you have absorbed and digested throughout the day.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you are going to pack on the pounds and they are not going to come off, even with exercise.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, look around your bedroom for an indicator light, such as a smart phone, alarm clock, or tv. Use black electrical tape to cover the lights. They are known sleep disrupters and sometimes prohibit you from entering deep states of sleep.

3. Detox the weight around your mid section

As you age, you may notice that you carry more weight in your mid section. You may have toned arms and legs yet have a small or sometimes large spare tire that seems to go nowhere - no matter how much you exercise. This is an immune response by your body to toxic chemical compounds that you are absorbing in the foods you eat, the air you breath, and maybe the water supply.

A regular detoxification will help you eliminate the chemical compounds through digestion.

Add Aloe Vero juice or gel to your yogurt or orange juice. Try Chia seeds or flax seeds.

These simple foods have a cellular structure similar to fat. What your body does when it experiences chemical compounds, is it wraps those compounds in fat cells and sticks them in the center of your body to protect you from an immune response of inflammation.

Start to detoxify on a regular basis by adding these simple ingredients to your diet.

4. Fast every day.

This does not mean going days and days without eating. Restrict yourself to a twelve hour window for consuming food. Try to eat your first food at 7am and the last food at 7pm.

clock with time for fastiing
intermittent fasting

If you get really hungry or your stomach is grumbling, try a small half cup of almond milk at night, to make you feel a little full before bed. Just, no solid foods before seven a.m or after seven p.m. A twelve 12 hour fast every day will fine-tune your digestion and help you lose weight.

5. After lunch rest awhile, after dinner walk a mile.

Try to eat your largest meal and most calories at lunch. This is when you are burning the most calories and require the most activity with your mind, if you have a normal work schedule.

weight loss
walk after meals

Good digestion is key to absorption and weight loss. After dinner, which should be a lighter meal than lunch, but not quite as small as breakfast, go for a long walk. Generate a little movement after dinner to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption for healthier cells and a healthy weight for your body.

6. Chew your food

Chew your food is the most effective thing you can do for managing a healthy weight for your body.

weight loss
chew your food salad

If you scarf your food while you are commuting, driving or long conversations at meals, it will result in your body not absorbing nutrients because they don’t get broken down where your body can access them. Because you are not absorbing nutrients, your brain will send a hunger signal to your stomach, even though you’ve already consumed plenty of calories.

Try to masticate, chew, your food at least thirty times per bite. The more you can chew your food during the initial part of digestion, the better. The saliva and enzymes break the food down, then travel into your stomach, where the acids and enyzmes will break the food down further and give you maximum nutrients in the food that you are eating.

Your body will feel satiated and full, and your brain will not send false hunger signals to your stomach causing you to eat when you don’t need the calories.

Detoxification and what that really means

Detoxificaiton is a conscious decision to remove harmful chemical compounds from your body.Chemical compounds can get into your body in a variety of ways, pollution from cars, the water we drink or prescription medications that have gotten in the water supply.

All of us experience some form of toxicity in our bodies. There is a specific immune response that our bodies perform to keep us healthy. To protect us from the chemical compounds, our body takes our fat cells, wraps and encases it around the chemical compound, so that it can then move it, and deposit it to the mid section of our body. The mid section is the most difficult place to remove fat.

Rather than burn off the fat at your mid section, which would be difficult, but also release those chemical compounds into your blood stream, bring in foods with a similar cellular base to fat into your diet. Chia seeds have a similar cellular structure to fat cells.

If you add chia seeds to your diet, your body will recognize that cellular structure, it will release the fat cell that’s holding the toxic compound, and allow it to be encased by the chia seeds , then leave your body through natural digestion.

This is not about juicing or fasting. It’s about simply adding a naturally detoxifying food to your already healthy diet and experience weight loss of the mid section that comes with that.

Take Action

"Knowledge is power. Action is more important."

Try these cheap, simple and effective ways to manage your weight. Begin integrating one new method each week.

For example, week 1, chew your food at least 30 times.

Week 2, take a short walk in the evening after dinner.

If you slowly integrate these tips into your lifestyle, they will become your routine and something you do without even thinking about it. Get started now.


Jess Ewart is an entrepreneur, speaker, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor. With over 10 years operating clinical Ayurvedic practices, Jess is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

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