Just Start

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Do you have an idea for a product, artwork, travel plans, website, a book you want to write or other? If you are feeling resistance, watch this video for a bit of inspiration. Many people feel the same resistance. Knowing that self-doubt and resistance are common roadblocks to our big ideas, can help inch us forward to take the first steps it takes to make things happen. Let's all get out there, and...Just get started! The world needs your contribution.

"The world needs your ideas. Your unique contribution"

Part of wellbeing, is finding your purpose and living a purpose "full" life. If you have ideas, they were put into your mind and consciouness for a reason. We are all different and have different thoughts. Your ideas are unique to you. As long as it serves the greater good for yourself and others, listen to these little nudges or proverbial taps on the shoulder. Try your idea. Get out there. Just start.

Video transciption:

ZenJenYogi: "Have you ever had an idea that you knew was good, but you just couldn't get started? Just start!"

Julie, Entrepreneur: "Sometimes when I think about an idea that I'm in love with, I will second guess myself, over and over again, that it's a dumb idea, no one would care about it, or no one would listen."

Stephanie, Entrepreneur: "I had this idea once. I started overthinking it and blowing it up into something a lot bigger than it was, and I paralyzed myself from attempting biting off little pieces."

Dr. Nicola: "I was diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago. I was suffering from extreme exhaustion and food cravings all day long. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to solve it."

Take Action. Take the First Step.

Julie: "when I'm giving the universe nothing to respond to, my self-doubt will go on for months and months before I've taken a real first step. Once I take an action, and I put it in front of an audience, and I usually pick an audience that's somewhat safe, note to self: "don't share with someone who's a doubter" all this energy comes back to me. Through that energy, I'm like "wow" this isn't so dumb after all. People are getting something out of the experience that I'm sharing. I think that initial energy and feedback that you're on the right path is everything."

Dr. Nicola: "The minute I started putting things into action, everything turned around, and the universe opened up and delivered what I needed. I had diabetes that's what propelled me into getting a PhD in holistic nutrition. By figuring out how to heal myself, I learned that I could heal so many other people."

Stephanie: "I had to stay true to myself and my vision, and I started attracting the right people. With the support, I was able to try my idea and make it happen."

Just Start

Dr. Nicola: "Just start." ZenJenyogi: "Do you have an idea that you want to pursue, but you're afraid?" Stephanie: "Just Start." Julie: "Just start."

ZenJenYogi: "Just get started. Comment below, we'd love to hear your idea. Let's all support each other. Dr. Nicola: You gotta get out there, just start!"

ZenJenYogi: "Just get started!"

Dr. Nicola: "It's so easy, just start!"

Businesses these amazing women started:

Insta @ZenJenYogi

Dr. Nicola Siso http://www.drnicolasiso.com

Julie Engle, http://www.Bettyvision.com


As we began the venture of the Healthy Life Project, this video inspired us to set forth, believe and...well.. just start. Has this inspired you? What you wanting to start? Comment below, we would love to support you.

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