Macrobiotic Diet

Many people consider the Microbiotic Diet a healthy way of eating to prevent illness and cure disease. Laura Christine Sanz, Live Vegan Vibrantly, explains the basis of the Macrobiotic plate.

I tried eating the Macrobiotic diet for this past month, while also increasing my exercise from 30 minutes a day to an hour a day. After one month, I lost 10 pounds and felt lighter and more energetic. Though it led to weight loss for me, we provide this post and video as a healthy tool to explore as one inspiring way to develop healthy eating habits for healthy living.

Video Transcription:

The Microbiotic Plate

The foundation of the Microbiotic Diet is the food. Think of your plate as a peace sign, made up of the 3 components below. This combination makes a complete protein, which balances your system for optimum health.

1. Legume, Beans (1/3 of plate)

Any kind of bean is a legume. Example lentil, black bean, pinto bean, white beans, etc.

If you don't prefer beans, go with a milder bean, like the white bean.

Be sure you cook the beans thoroughly.

Tip for cooking beans:

Soak beans prior to cooking for several hours. Boil beans in water with lid. Do not remove the lid until beans are done and all of the water is gone.

2. Whole Grain (1/3 of plate)

The most popular grain in Macrobiotics is brown rice. It is one of the most healing foods on the planet. It has minerals, vitamins, fiber, helps to detoxify your system, and is good for your heart and circulatory system. The benefits are endless. It is also high in protein, along with the legumes.

You can try different types of rice, wild rice, black rice and jasmine brown rice

You can also try Quinoa. Quinoa is more of a seed, though many people eat it abundantly like rice

3. Vegatables (1/3 of plate)

Start with, what's your favorite vegetable? Maybe it's just a cucumber. You can saute cucumber slices in a little sesame oil, with sesames on top, add a little garlic. Get creative.

Kale is very popular. You can steam it, roast it, saute it. Use different herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, lemon grass, cumin. If you'd like it just plain with a little salt, try that.

Minimal Sides

You can have a little fruit on the side or seaweed dishes, or other side in a minimal amount

Benefits of Macrobiotic Diet

Our intestines weed out the nutrients. Our colon is very long. When the digestive system uses the nutrients, the rest is fiber and toxins, that are taken out and removed from your body. The fiber helps move the food through your colon and digestive system so it's no longer stuck. In order to keep everything flowing, (the above) is the optimal plate.

Take Action

Have fun with it. Take it step by step so then eventually it becomes a habit.

"If you want a healthy body, and you don't want to live in illness, sickness and disease, and even prevent it, this is what we do."

About the speaker:

Laura Christine Sanz is founder and CEO of Live Vegan Vibrantly

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