Mindfulness in Business, Sports and Congress

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Did you know? Meditation is practiced by top athletes, business leaders and Congressman to enable better performance in mind and body. Congressman Tim Ryan provides a powerful message about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in business, sports and Congress.

Mindfulness in Business and Sports

Quiet Time and Meditation in Sports and Business

When Tim Ryan first started noticing the benefits of quiet time and meditation years ago, it was not very mainstream, especially for men. Congressman Ryan started noticing benefits, so continued to practice meditation.

video Transcription:

Today, whether it's LeBron James or the New York Giants doing yoga. You have the LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls doing mindfulness, and it is an essential part of their training.

Tim Ryan started meditation practices a long time ago and recognized it's value. It's nice to know now that the Marines and corporate leadership, great basketball players and athletes are doing the same thing.

Mindfulness in Congress, Washington, D.C.

Video Transcription:

Congressman Tim Ryan started a quiet time caucus in Congress.

While in D.C. They go to a Chapel in the Capitol dome, and have 30 minutes of quiet time. You can do any type of meditation. You can pray, say the Rosary, TM, or different types of meditation. The only rule is, you can't talk. It's 1/2 hour of quiet time. They have this space under the Capitol dome every week, to try to encourage people to settle in a little bit.

It's a helluva change from the back and forth that normally goes on in Washington, D.C.

"If we can bring that quietness, kindness, and gentleness that happens in that 1/2 hour into the rest of the week and the day, we can begin to shift what's going on in Washington."

About the speaker:

Congressman Tim Ryan was first elected in 2002 to the U.S. State of Representatives. He currently a U.S. Congressman serving Ohio's 13th District.

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