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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Because of the acidity in coffee, drinking espresso may be a bit easier on the system. The perfect espresso begins with the perfect tool. This all-in-one Expresso Machine makes the perfect creamy espresso or delicious healthy latte.

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We have tested many espresso machines, and this one by far the is the BEST espresso/latte maker, a less acidic option than coffee, and gives us lots of energy. Instant hot water control makes hot teas in an instant as well!

"A day without coffee is like... just kidding. I have no idea." -- Unknown

The Breville BES87OXL includes everything you need - milk frother, stainless still milk cup, built-in grinder, tamper, single and double latte handle, built-in water reservoir, and more! The enjoyment this machine has brought us has been worth the investment in the machine.

We have sipped on many creamy espresso lattes while sitting at the video edit bay.

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How to Make:

1. Prep Machine

Fill the resorvoir with water, pour the coffee beans into the coffee bean dispenser, set the grinder to course, and select the single or double cup option for the handle.

2. Grind and Tamp the coffee beans

Place the handle under the bean grinder and fill the handle halfway. Using the tamp, lightly tamp the coffee. Continue to fill the handle until the tamp fits nicely along the edge of the handle. Tamp once more, then slide handle into the slot to begin to brew.

3. Brew

Press the single or double cup option to brew the espresso. Keep an eye on the Pressure Gauge on the front of machine, and be sure the arrow rises to the target pressure point. Tip: Be sure the handle is snug when placing into the dispensing socket, and slightly resistant. If it's too loose when attaching, it will not have enough pressure. Add a few more beans and tamp, if it's too loose.

If the pressure gauge engages, you should have creamy light brown espresso. Place your mug or glass on top of the machine to stay warm while you prepare the milk.

4. Froth

Fill the stainless steal pitcher included with the machine, about 1/4 full, with your choice of milk. We use almond milk as a healthier alternative. Place it under the stainless steaming rod, and on top of the plate on the front of the machine. Turn the steamer on using the knob on the right side of the machine.

Hold the pitcher at a 45 degree angle, with the steamer head just below the surface of the milk. Begin steaming, and aim for the milk to flow circular clockwise. Once the milk begins to spin, slowly lower the steamer into the milk, then slowly raise the steamer near the surface of the cup. Once the outside of the pitcher becomes warm, turn off the steamer and then remove the pitcher.

5. Pour

Tap the pitcher on the counter a few times, then slowly pour into the golden espresso.

Add a touch of sugar and a bit of cinammon to cut the sugar rush and add a little flavor.

What we also love: This machine includes a hot water dispenser to make instant hot tea.


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