Reduce Stress with Breathwork Meditation

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Stress is not good for your body, it's important to understand the mind body connection. A happy, stress - free mind and body is a healthy one.

When you're anxious or stressed do you notice how you’re breathing?

Breathwork Meditation Instructor, Author and Speaker, Eliza Rose Kane, provides an actionable tip to calm the mind and body and reduce stress.

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Do you often realize that your breath is getting caught up in your upper chest, and you're not breathing into your lower belly?

Today I invite you to have an awareness that if you are feeling stressed or anxious, really pull your breath down into your lower abdomen and let it fill your belly. You can feel as the breath moves down, from your chest, into the lower belly, you start to relax, and the anxiety and the stress start to dissipate.


Take a deep breath in, nice and full, into the lower Belly. Hold for two…and let go. Let’s do it again. Nice and full, into the lower belly. Hold for two, then let it go one more time Hold for two and let it go. Next time, if you’re feeling a little stressed, take a moment to do lower belly breaths, holding it in, and then exhaling.

Please comment below and let us know if this exercise helped you, or if you have any questions.

Reduce and cure stress. Learn about the mind body connection.


Eliza Rose is a teacher of breathwork and creativity, and a writer. Through breathwork and writing, she helps connect people to the artist within, to their creativity, which sparks their life force. She holds classes, workshops and private one-on-ones in Aspen, CO or online. The work she shares, while fun, will push your capacity for growth and take you to a new level of awareness. In this awareness, freedom is found in living from the heart. 

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