Three Powerful Ways Women Benefit Men

I recently had a conversation with a male friend about relationships.

He asked the question, "What are the three things women give men?" While I thought of a full list of things, I knew he already had the answer, so I threw it back to him. I liked his perspective, it's simple and truthful, and a good thing to keep in mind., so here you go.

Whether you are a woman or a man, with any sexual preference, it's healthy to love and appreciate the differences we all bring to a relationship. The purpose of this is not to generalize that all men and women are the same, it's to share a perspective on relationship.

1. Women give men beauty

Women add beauty and the feminine touch to their surroundings.

It's the simple things: a vase of flowers, a beautiful table setting, colorful throw pillow, frilly curtains, the list goes on.

Women bring the beauty of their body, the shape, the curve, the hair, the look.

2. Women make men feel powerful.

When a man opens a door or pays for a woman, it makes her feel special, and gives him a sense of taking care of her. While I'm not for or against the feminist point of view, men taking care of a woman is an age old instinct.

3. Love

The love of a woman makes a man feel desirable and nurtured. A woman can make a man feel loved and looked after, providing a feeling of security, companionship, physical closeness, respect and more. Women bring a loving energy, emotional openness, and playfulness that makes life a better place for most men.