What is Meditation?

Meditation is the quieting of the mind, allowing you to create a state of inner calmness and mental clarity.

Meditation has changed my life. With so many influences and "noise" around us, it can be difficult to tap into our inner knowing, the place within us where insights of our unconscious mind rise to the surface and new insights present themselves through thought, an idea or a spark of inspiration.

Meditation can occur while sitting still, on a hike, in the shower, while doing a hobby, or while sitting or laying on a mat.

A Few Benefits of Meditation

  1. Decreases stress

  2. Calms and clears the mind

  3. Lowers anxiety and blood pressure

  4. Strengthens the immune system

  5. Allows you to access your inner voice and tap into your subconscious mind

  6. Boosts creativity

  7. Energy boost

  8. Enhances self awareness

Types of Meditation

There are many types and techniques of meditation. Experiment and practice a few of the techniques and determine which work best for you.

Click the links below to learn more about each type of meditation

  1. Guided meditation

  2. Transcendental meditation, also referred to as TM

  3. Breathwork meditation

  4. Walking meditation

  5. Vedic meditation

  6. Creative meditation

  7. Chakra meditation

  8. Metta meditation

Two favorite apps to practice daily meditation:

Insight Timer App

Peloton App

There are many more meditation methods to explore. Have you practiced meditation? What type of meditation techniques have made an impact in your life?