YASHODA DEVI MA I Vedic Meditation Teacher, Founder, The Subtle Mind

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What is Vedic Meditation?

Mind Body Connection and Meditation

We heard about Yashoda Devi Ma through a friend who had been practicing meditation with Yashoda, and had been raving about what a positive impact it had on her life.


Serendipity intervened and allowed us to meet Yashoda while she was in town visiting our friend for a weekend retreat. We immediately planned an impromptu film shoot, and produced the content you see above. Yashoda has a sense of calm and confidence that is grounding to be around. We learned so much from Yashoda and look forward to joining one of her training session.

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Palo Santo Sticks

(smells like a yoga studio)

Our Favorite Soy Candle

(red currant happy scent

inspires our creativity)

Our Favorite Tea Mug

(Healthy Life Project original)

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Favorite Candle Lantern

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Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime with only YOU.
These are a few of our favorite tools to accompany the practice, though not required.